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How do you setup custom attributes/error handling in Flow? Want Boomi Flow App to throw an error if UI phone# < 10 digits or ID# not between 1M and 9.99M 

Question asked by devansh.malhotra539001 on Sep 5, 2018

Wondering how to setup custom conditions/error handling to a Boomi Flow user input. Mask does not give user an error (it stops the phone# from being more than 10 digits but allows less than 10 to continue). When user does not enter a valid value the Workflow should stop them from going to the next step showing an error (like the one you get when you leave a required field 'empty').

Basic how to Examples

1. Phone# < 10 digits - please enter a valid phone#?

2. e-mail not in proper format - please enter a valid email address?


Thank you in advance!