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How to connect to Amazon API gateway with Boomi?

Question asked by hubidubi on Sep 3, 2018



I'm newbie with Boomi and I'm trying to figure out how to create my first integration flow.

I have an own REST API that can be called directly (http for development) and through Amazon API Gateway (https for production). The direct call works fine with Boomi, I send a proper POST call and I get a back correct answer.

When I call the Amazon API Gateway with the workflow, nothing happens. I get back an empty response. I can see in the logs: "Message successfully sent on output stream", but I can't see the result in the backend database, so the endpoint wasn't called properly. I also tried to call REST endpoint manually with same input data which works. The endpoint always returns an answer for both success and error so I should get back something.

I also had an issue with https, I got and ssl handshake error while I was testing it on the cloud. I fixed according to this article: Amazon Web Services - Handshake Error 

Now I'm testing the workflow on a locally installed atom on linux.


thanks for helping me out