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Advantage of Multiple flow control for single process

Question asked by aishwarya.jayapal756738 on Sep 4, 2018

Hi All,


I have process which fetches the data from DB and convert it to XML. The volume expected to process is around 80 million. I have used the batch count as 1 in DB connector and grouped the data based on the element STORENUMBER. So now the DB connector will group the data as a document for each Stores(80 stores). After this i have used flow control with "No document batching" and 10 threads. Data s in single document for single store is interdependent (4 rows of record will form a single output in mapping)  due to this i have not used "Run as batches option". Even after the use of flow control, the processing time is very high because of high volume of records in each thread. I would like to know whether we can use one more flow control after mapping to reduce the processing time?



Current process:


New flow control added process:



Is this is good approach to use two flow control for same process?