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How to Combine JSON ?

Question asked by srkumar035547 on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by rcasimina462530

HI All ,

After Final map i'm getting multiple Json Files i need Combine them in to one single output file.
I used Data Process to Combine but not Working  , I'm getting all the multiple files in to one file which is not expected .
"order_info" : [
"order_number" : 1111111,
"order_date" : "20180809",
"shipments" : [

Need the above only one time at starting of JSON , it should  not be  repeated but i'm getting repeated if i do Combine .
If combine based on the Shipments array element 1 then the details are order_number and order_date will not come in the Output ,I'm getting like below
"order_info" : {

"shipments" : [


If  Tracking numbers  are same then the  Items_info need to  be combined in one . 

Below is my output which I'm getting now :

PFA  Output1.json

Expected Output like the Below :
PFA Expecting.json

Json Schema :

How would we be able to do this?