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Local atom stopped communicating with platform

Question asked by daniel.moreels325233 on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by daniel.moreels325233

We are having an issue trying to Access to Local Atom ARBUE-V-SA04P.vision101.corp from

I’ve alrady read lots of papers in community and I couldn’t find a solution for this issue. There’s a list of tasks I’ve already done:

1. Restart Atom service in Local Machine – Service is working well
2. Restart Local machine (turn it off and on) – Local Services are working well
3. Check firewall policies – All ports are open without restrictions
4. Check container file log (I attach it)

Any of these actions could solve the issue. That I can’t understand is why PRD enviroment, which is phisically in the same machine is working well and I can Access it well.


I attach all information I've available.


Please, If any of you can help, I'll really appreciate it!


Thanks a lot!



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