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Hi , I am trying to make an upsert call to Salesforce User object through External ID .

Question asked by a_jaggi2018 on Sep 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by rakesh.dulam491832


My business case involves converting csv to xml and then making a SOAP call to Salesforce. I am able to acheive it through SOAP UI but through Salesforce Connector in Boomi I am facing issue in making the correct request.

For eg:The below request is working 




But , when I am trying to send the same request through Boomi Cloud :

I am trying to pass the below in my message  :


And my Upsert operation looks like below:

So, I am receiving the below error:where it says External Id is missing

whereas if you see in my request , I am passing it along with the request. 

Any suggestions to troubleshoot this issue or someone who has worked on similar use case can help ?