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XML comparision using Boomi Groovy script

Question asked by shweta.bhardwaj945320 on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by shweta.bhardwaj945320


I have the requirement of comparing two xmls using Boomi Groovy script and want the output in a varibale.  

For that I am using below code (writing only the code for which I am getting error).    


def diff = new Diff(sourceXml, targetXML)  

def detailedDef = new DetailedDiff(diff)    


For the above line I am getting errors:  

unable to resolve class DetailedDiff  

unable to resolve class Diff    


My question is do we need to include some jars to use DetailedDiff and Diff. If yes, can anyone help me with tha jar names.  

If any idea how to compare two xml using Boomi Groovy scipt, that will be of much help to me.