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Boomi Processes error after salesforce domain was changed

Question asked by kvats010793 on Sep 14, 2018


We use Boomi for interfacing between oracle and salesforce.

We changed the salesforce domain. Our boomi processes started to error.

I made the same update of the url in the boomi salesforce connector. But I did not see any option to deploy the connector, which I see if I modify a process. I also bounced boomi atom, but the processes still error.

Cna you please suggest how to fix this issue. Does the updated connector need to be deployed? How can I deploy it as I do not see any options.

The error message is - 

"Severe errors occurred during start shape execution, terminating process.; Caused by: Error received executing Salesforce Get; Caused by: HTTP transport error:; Caused by:"


The url listed in error is old url -

The new url is