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On-Going Synchronization NetSuite - Salesforce - PING PONG

Question asked by druva_kummari954540 on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Sjaak Overgaauw
Two interfaces scheduled to run Every 5 minutes.
NetSuite to Salesforce Contact
Salesforce to NetSuite Contact
Records are queried based on Last Successful Run Date(LSRD)
1) Assume LSRD of NetSuite to Salesforce Contact is 10 AM.
2) A contact created/updated in Salesforce and at 10 AM Salesforce to NetSuite Contact Picked Up those and created record(123456789) in NetSuite at 10:01. - LSRD is 10:01 AM.
3) As LSRD of NetSuite to Salesforce Contact is 10 AM and record created - 123456789(Created via Boomi) would pick and process(UPSERT) the record. Even though no changes to record.
4) Again same record picks up in Salesforce to NetSuite process and process records and so on.
Issue is not about creating duplicate records but pick up and processing of same records. Over the time record count would increase.
Any way in Boomi to control this.