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Error integrating with Shopify using HTTP Client and Oauth 2.0 Authentication

Question asked by acampbell132255 on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by acampbell132255

Hi All,


Am setting up a connection to Shopify using HTTP Client and Oauth 2.0 and am receiving an error when running a process which goes to admin/products.json to return all products in the shop.
Setting up the HTTP Client the Access Token generates successfully.

The operation is GET with the resource path set to admin/products.json but when running the process the following is received in the log file .

OAuth2 Authentication error received. Attempt to retrieve new access token and retry


Have read through countless posts but cant seem to find a solution to solve


Have already connected using Shopify connector and the same credentials and it is succesfull. And also used POSTMAN with same credentials to return a result.


Any assistance would be very much apprciated