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Populate field data after a Field Change

Question asked by gfo7 on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by rohit_tiwari

Hi I am a completely new user, still learning and working as a functional consultant for my developer. 

We are attempting to populate a date field "Termination Date" in respects to a change in SF for a Yes/No.


ie: If that field has recently changed from Yes -> No:

         Populate "Termination Date"


The logic for Termination Date has already been written apart from the part about the change. Would this be done using a Extract by Last Modified Date. And would you write the logic within the "Yes/No" Field or the Date field? 


Any and all help is welcome, as I am completely lost in this issue. 


Thank You 


PS: We would also like to drop these records after it has been pulled one time. But that is additional and not a priority. But if someone understands how to do that as well even more thanks.