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Issues with decimal rounding inside a map function

Question asked by rfranklin15 on Sep 21, 2018
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I have a Business Rule in a process that transmits EDI documents that verifies the sum of line items on an invoice to the field that holds the total amount of the invoice. To do this, I have a map function that uses the Running Total function and maps that total to a Dynamic Document Property.

overview of map function


As you can see from the image, I'm multiplying fields and then mapping to a Running Total as well as to a Profile Element that holds the line item cost for each line on the invoice.


My problem is this: one of my input fields, in this case LDT28, is a decimal number: 8.333. Multiplying it and then mapping that value to a profile element means I can set the number of decimals and the profile will round the multiplied value.


But mapping it to a Dynamic Document Property gives me no such option. And the Number Format function I've got there is not rounding the results, it's simply truncating the results down to 2 decimal places. I also tried using a Math Set Precision function and had the same result.


Here's what it looks like when I run the process in Test Mode:


Test Mode results


Notice that the Running Total output result is 1253.994984 and when it hits the Number Format function, it's changing that number to 1253.99 instead of rounding it up to 1254.00. As a result, my Dynamic Document property is $.01 off from the actual total of the invoice. I get the same result with a Math Set Precision function.


I've tried changing the format of the input profile element, but the result is the same.


How do I go about rounding this Dynamic Document Property?