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Appending to a File on Disk

Question asked by sahanc on Sep 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2018 by sahanc

What I am trying to do:


I want to paginate an API response and append the results to a file on disk, by following this tutorial.  Here is the Boomi configuration of the process.


But when I test, I see that the file is not appended, instead it is overwritten by every next iteration. I do not see the entire result set in the final iteration of the process (during testing).


To verify the behavior, I tried the simple process below (which does not use a loop).

This process too overwrites the output file (contains only "Message 2").


Does this behavior apply only to the test environment, or is it only the way we see in the log? If not, please provide some help.


In the above processes, I used the following configuration for the disk operation.


Thank you in advance.