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Challenge:How to Merge data from two different connector calls with no common key

Question asked by venkatesh.siva821054 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by venkatesh.siva821054

I have two data sources (SAP& Salesforce)   (No common key).


I want to combine them but with document cache we need a common key which is not there here.


Lets say Object 'A' (SAP BAPI)has two records and Object 'B' (Salesforce )has 3. I want a combination of 3*2= 6 data sets.


A:<1,2>  B:<a,b>   , i need out put combinations--  <<1,a><1,b> <2,a><2,c>/>


Currently the design is built like Connector A is called, the flow control is Run Each document Individually and dynamic process properties are used to capture elements of object A, then Connector B is called and in the map , the dynamic process properties captured from A are recalled.


Since flow control is restricted to one doc individually, processing time is overly high.


Any ideas on implementing Batching and combining the data sources