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Handling attachments from ARIBA

Question asked by asutosh_mohapatra306449 on Sep 26, 2018

Hi All ,


Requirement : 

Boomi calls ARIBA through a HTTP Client connector and gets the attached document (Sample ARIBA Response.dat) in response .


 If the file is opened in notepad++ , 

Line# 1-20 : This part says there is a file in ARIBA to be picked up and the file identifier is given in URL tag

Line# 25 : "Content-Type-multipart/related "  means this record contains both cXML data and some attachments   

Line# 32- 205 : this is the cXML  and the values that it contains,  has to be mapped to target system .

Line#152-160 :   This indicated different attachments for this cXML . (here there are three)

Line #206 - 17719 : First attachment (.doc file)

Line #17720 -20911:Second attachment (.pdf file)

Line#20912-21031 : Third attachment (.xml file)


There is a boundary value in line#25  (boundary="----=_Part_11509_12643103.1537545576398) . This will be present before the start of the corresponding cXML and each attachments  (Line# 28 , 206,17720,201912)


Similarly , there can be multiple records coming in from ARIBA as well . Please refer to MultipleRecord.dat for such an example .


Requirement is to map the cXML part (Line#32-205)  to the target system and all others stuffs has to be ignored .


Please note , 

1) there can be multiple records in this document as mentioned in MultipleRecord.dat . So cXML section from all records have to be mapped .

2) An attachment can also be of XML type which has to be ignored as well (Line#20917 - 21031 in this case)



Please let me know if someone has dealt with similar scenarios while ARIBA integration .

Also , let me know if you need more clarity on the requirement .