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Data Positioned Flat File Profile not capturing data

Question asked by rfranklin15 on Sep 26, 2018
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I have a Data Positioned Flat File that has order information in it that looks like this:


See attached text file.

As you can see the first 3 characters of each line indicate what kind of information to expect (like an EDI file). I've created a Data Positioned flat file profile to try and capture the data.


But when I try to start a Map with this profile, or if I try to set a Dynamic Document Property using this profile, either nothing happens or I get an error.

If I go straight from Disk to Map with the flat file profile on the left, I get an error.


I've even tried splitting the document by line, routing each line by matching a regular expression of the first 3 characters {(?s).*BEG.*}, creating a separate Data Positioned Flat File for each individual segment and then using that profile to create Dynamic Document properties.



But when I run it, the values still come up NULL.


I must be missing something. Any help would be appreciated.