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Integration takes longer time to execute.

Question asked by sreenivasulu.gidda.contractor619345 on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by sreenivasulu.gidda.contractor619345



I have built an integration and deployed. It was a successful integration from past days. But, from past 3 days the integration taking more time, it been more than a day still it's running. If I try to terminate the process manually, it's not happening though. So I have restarted the Atom from Platform, integration execution got stopped. 


 Now, same behavior with the integration. From 26th Sept evening, still, the integration keeps on running. I see that there are no changes done at the integration recently.  In previous days, for 27+ records, it took around 30+ mins. But, now it takes more than a day and looking for some suggestion.  Did someone experienced with this type of issue? any idea? When I see the process state, it is there at Salesforce connector only.