Speeding up Build Mode Testing

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For those of us that spend most of our days building out integrations, having to click the "Test, Save, Run Test" hundreds of of times can get monotonous.  If using other tools like putty for tailing logs, having to clear the screen adds even more time to that cycle.


To remove this pain, I use Autohotkey (a free windows scripting tool to automate all of these clicks.  As it's free, it does have a bit of a learning curve that can turn off busy devs, so here's one that's already setup for Boomi, and only requires a few value changes.


1) Download and install Autohotkey

2) Create a file and paste the following contents (or download the attached copy)

3) Open Window Spy from the System Tray

4) For each button in the script, move the mouse to the button on your screen (e.g. Test, Run), and note down the coordinates

5) Replace the coordinates next to each Click command below with those from 4

6) Save the file with an extension of .ahk (e.g. boomi.ahk)

7) Double click the file (it will be loaded by Autohotkey)

8) Open the build tab

9) Run a test manually once to select the Atom you want to use (this is fiddly to get working, so unfortunately the first run through is manual)

9) Press Win Shift R (or whatever key combo you used)

10) Watch it back out from the previous test, click Test, click where the save button would be, and click Run

11) Tweak the coordinates and sleep values to tune the script to your monitor and browser response times

12) Enjoy faster testing!



;; Hotkey legend
;; # Win
;; ! Alt
;; ^ Ctrl
;; + Shift

;;Allow only one instance of Autohotkey to run
#SingleInstance force

;;Allow partial matches of the window title
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
;;If the Build screen of Boomi is active
#IfWinActive, Build - Boomi AtomSphere
     ;;If Win Shift R is pressed
          ;;Execute this function

;;Performs the mouse clicks to run the test
     ;;Click Back to clear the previous test session
     Click, 388, 254
     Sleep, 1000
     ;;Click the top right Test button
     Click, 1868, 256
     Sleep, 1000
     ;;Click Save (doesn't matter if nothing to save, this will just click on the screen and do nothing)
     Click, 1018, 615
     Sleep, 1200
     ;;Click Run!
     Click, 1265, 406