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Salesforce Connector - Login Session Life-Cycle

Question asked by JoelGeyer4971 on Oct 10, 2018
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Can someone one summarize the life cycle of connections made to Salesforce connector (non-bulk operations) running in a Molecule topology?   


Areas of interest include:

  • If login sessions survive process invocations.  Appears to survive but confirmation will help.
  • Are there any circumstances when the connector will call logout() on a session -- thus impacting other connections that may be using the same user?
  • Are there circumstances when the connector will attempt to establish an use a new session for its Salesforce connections -- e.g. if a 503 response is received from Salesforce or other?
  • Does the connector manage when logins occur (or re-attempted) up to its "Maximum Concurrent Connections" setting -- e.g. will create all at once (or nearly so) or will create additional connections as needed until maximum connections are reached
  • Does the connector pool the Salesforce connections across process instances; across process types (i.e. connection used in more than one process)