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How to map to a reference field?

Question asked by johannes.mweli186413 on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by johannes.mweli186413

Hi Boomi Community Developers


I am new to Dell Boomi and I have the following integration scenario: I am integrating ServiceNow with Quickbase. I am pushing data from the Room table in ServiceNow to the Room table in Quickbase which is a very simple intergration process at face value. The Room table in Quickbase has two fields - a room (text field) and building (reference field to the Building table in Quickbase). In my Map shape I am mapping the room field from ServiceNow to the room field in Quickbase and the building field from ServiceNow to the building field in Quickbase. The mapping of the room from the source (ServiceNow) to the destination (Quickbase) is working as expected however the mapping of the building is not and my suspicion is that this is because the building field is a reference field and therefore it cannot be mapped directly. When I look at the integration result in Quickbase I can see all the rooms that were picked from ServiceNow however all the buildings are empty which means they were not properly mapped. The integration process does not throw any error it seems to finish successfully.


Would you guys please advise as to how can I overcome this issue.