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API 404 Error when added to Endpoint

Question asked by on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by girishradhakrishna

I created an API that is working fine. But when I add the end point with authorization token it shows 404 not found


I created an Process with API it listening for request successfully.

I have added a new process in my folder and added a new end point API for handling another request it is not fine.

The API AttachFile is a newly added end point if I test the API alone it shows 401 unauthorized.

But if I pass the authorization token in parameter;boomi_auth=dHJhaW5pbmdqZWdhbnMtRTFaR1pULjQxRVpKTzo4NmYwNzE1My04NjQyLTRjMjktYWVhZC1iOGM3YWY2MmFlOTU=

It shows the 404 not found Response. I'm sure the authorization is correct copied from user management on shared web server tab and encoded in base 64 format.

My authorization token is    <username>:<password> in Base 64 format


So, please help me to solve this problem.