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How to exactly decode the base 64 format to normal text using data process?

Question asked by on Oct 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by leif_jacobsen

I have created a process in which i'm getting the request from web services server in form of json forms. I need to decode the file request which is encoded in base 64 format to human readable forms. So, I used base 64 decoder in data process but it is not giving the correct results. But when I checked with  base 64 decoder it produces the correct result.



This is my Process


My map field is:





My request encoded file is:





It is producing like this

u«Zþ×±·úej)ÿm« ëÒ K Bˆ  ÙH \™H Û Y   È [™›Ü›H [ÝH   ]  [ÝH ÛÝ    XÙY  [ˆ  ZÚ^›XH [™ XH ÛÛ ] [ÛœÈ \È H  ›Ù XÝ  [™Ú[™Y\ˆ  ˜Z[™YKˆ ÙH \™H  ÛÚÚ[™È Bˆ   È ›Ú[ˆ Ûˆ ËŽKŒŒ N  [ˆ ˜[™Ø[ Ü™KƒBˆ                                            [šÞ[ÝCBƒBƒBˆ


It is a wrong one. It is not producing the correct decoded file



So please help me to solve this issue