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Apply these connector best practices to your process development.

     Inbound Operations

     Lead Query

     In order to query against the Lead object, you must pair a single instance of leadKeyType and leadKeyValue as filters in the QUERY operation.

Popular LeadKeyTypes

  •           IDNUM: Type used for querying internal Marketo Lead ID
  •           EMAIL: Type used for querying by email address
  •           SFDCLEADID: Type used for querying by internal Salesfore Lead ID (when integration is pre-enabled with Salesforce)

     Lead Changes Query

     You can use this query type to retrieve lead information about modifications made within a specified time window. It is important to note that if a lead is modified multiple times within the specified time window, then a unique record for each modification will be returned from the query. Refer to the Date Format below to apply the proper date/time syntax when setting parameters.

Required Filters/Parameters

  •           OldestCreatedAt: Defines how far back the time range should span to find modified leads. In most cases, you will want to identify a Relative or Last Run Date type as your input parameter.
  •           LatestCreatedAt: Defines how soon the time range should span to find modified leads. In most cases, you will want to identify a Current Date type as your input parameter.

 'Created' does not refer to creation of the lead but to the creation of the lead change.

Best Practices

  •           You should take the response of the Lead Change query and use the data to perform an inbound Lead query by IDNUM or Lead GET to extract the full information for the lead. Standard leads cannot be queried by a date.


     Profile Configuration

     Most of the XML Profiles that are generated from building Marketo operations do not contain fields in the leadAttributeList. You will need to manually Add Child Element(s) to this list node in order to map to and from these profiles. You can perform a QUERY or GET first to see the full list of fields returned and then add them to the profile.


     Understanding the Marketo Date Format

     Marketo Date/Time XML Profile elements should be configured with the following format. You can also use this format for data parameters required for specific query actions.


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