Map Function Ordering

Document created by Terese_Baker Employee on Jan 30, 2014
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If you require several map functions to execute in a specific order, this may be accomplished by using map function ordering.
If there are several map functions that need to be executed in a specific order, Map Function Ordering will allow you to control the order in which map functions are applied. If map function ordering is enabled, it is enabled just for that specific map - not across the board. When a map is copied, the map function ordering is part of what is copied. Please be aware that this feature may impact the performance of the map step.

Common uses for Map Function Ordering:
- storing a value in a process property and use a different function to extract the value
- specialized summing functions using process properties or external systems

The map function ordering can be added, modified or disabled by editing the map. Click the gear icon Order function executions in the Functions column and in the middle section. The Map Function Ordering window will display.