Best Practice Naming Conventions for Web Service Server listener processes

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Feb 20, 2014
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WSDL generation can become corrupted if multiple processes with web service server listener operations in the start shape are deployed to an atom/molecule/cloud and duplicate soap operations are used.

     As a best practice, use the following naming conventions for processes that have the web service server operation in the start shape where soap is being used. 
     This will allow you to then easily identify the type of soap operation that is deployed with that process when viewing the list of deployed processes in Manage -> Atom Management.

     Naming Convention recommendation:
     Process Name:

     [Web Service Listener] [Soap Operation] [Descriptive Name optional]

     For example, a process that has a web service server start shape operation configured with the action "query" and object "Account" is configured to create a soap operation "queryAccount".
     So for this example, the process name should be:

     "Web Service Listener queryAccount Process"

     Then developers will easily identify if a process with soap operation queryAccount is already deployed to an atom/environment and will avoid deploying a duplicate.  Or if a duplicate is deployed resulting in a corrupt wsdl, it will be easier to identify by viewing the process name if any duplicate soap operations are deployed.  This recommendation/best practices should be advised to all developers.

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