Why when I click on Re-Run Documents tab all documents are re-run and duplicate files generated/sent ?

Document created by anton_serbanescu Employee on Feb 21, 2014
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Process reporting shows the following:


If the check box on the left next to the failed document is checked and Re-run documents Tab on top is clicked, then all
documents will be re-run, regardless if they were successful or not.

If I click on the Documents tab, it shows that all documents were successful.

If I click on the Ack tab, it shows me that the ack document timed out.

What needs to be done, so only one document is re-run?
Instead of clicking on the check box on the left next to the failed document, which means run all documents associated with this failed document,
click on the Action or Gear icon and choose Re-run this document.

More details can be found in our reference guide at the following link: