When to use the Business Rules shape

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The Business Rules Logic Step allows the developer to combine multiple Decision Steps within one catch-all container. Inputs are chosen from profile fields or map functions. The User Defined Business Rules are evaluated for each document using the associated Document Profile (DB, EDI, FF, XML). The Business Rules step yields 2 outputs (Accepted and Rejected). Rejected outputs will include error messages from all failed rules in the meta data.


Sample Use Case

The following Process represents a scenario where we’re grabbing (via FTP) a CSV file containing employee data records, and writing only certain records to Local Disk. We’re looking to only select records where employees currently have medical benefits (‘Taking Benefits?’) and live in either Pennsylvania (‘Is From PA?’) or Texas (‘Is From TX?’). One way to accomplish this, is to apply multiple Decision steps upon each record in the document to determine which records qualify:



Although this approach isn’t too convoluted within this context, imagine if we were testing a dozen or so Decision Steps acting in conjunction. The Process canvas real estate to accomplish this would be immense and following the logic visually would be daunting. A better approach to scenarios like this, where multiple Decision steps are needed to evaluate data, is to apply the Business Rules step. We can combine all the Decision steps into just one Business Rules step. Here’s a visual to show how the overall canvas is reduced and all the Decision making steps are compacted within one Business Rules step:



Here's a look inside the configuration for this Business Rules step. As you can see, the compound Decision making statements are embedded within the step:

So, when you're looking to incorporate multiple Decision steps into your Process, you may want to consider using Business Rules.


 Get an example process demonstrating the Business Rules shape from the Process Library here.

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