Configure your Anti virus program to not conflict with an atom molecule or cloud

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Anti-virus programs that scan the installation folder of your Atoms, Molecules, and Atom Clouds might conflict with their operation. If the anti-virus program attempts to access the files while your Atom, Molecule, or Atom Cloud is running, it might cause conflicts. Also, the anti-virus program could cause permission issues by being seen as a different user.


Possible behaviors include:
- unable to read, write or execute files
- missing files or references to files
- unable to start an atom or node
- unable to stop an atom or node
- one molecule node preventing another molecule node from starting


Therefore, disable the anti-virus program from running against the Atom, Molecule, or Atom Cloud installation folder. Or, program the anti-virus program to run on the Atom, Molecule, and Atom Cloud installation folders during planned maintenance windows. Once the anti-virus program has been run, check the anti-virus quarantine folder for any valid files that may have been incorrectly quarantined.


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