Avoiding Molecule Disk Space issues

Document created by Terese_Baker Employee on May 28, 2014
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Here are some best practices for avoiding disk space errors in a molecule or cloud.
Please refer to the following AtomSphere Reference Guide links for advice for monitoring disk space:
1. Enable Disk Space Monitoring. Custom utilities or scripts may be used to monitor all disk space and notifications based on desired thresholds. In addition, we recommend the following for monitoring the molecule or cloud disks: http://help.boomi.com/atomsphere/GUID-553276D5-A6DD-401D-9F0C-70BD8D961D41.html
2. Configure purge settings for a more frequent schedule of purging:
3. Consider setting a different working data storage location: http://help.boomi.com/atomsphere/GUID-B467989D-1711-41F8-959E-DAC2CA4B38CB.htmlhttp://help.boomi.com/atomsphere/GUID-553276D5-A6DD-401D-9F0C-70BD8D961D41.html
4. If you are experiencing file system limitation issues, change the process execution directory structure and the molecule data directory structure as in the following links:
5. Limit use of Flow Control in process design
     Flow Control may create more files within the atom installation directory structure. In high data volume processes as well as processes with more than one Flow Control shape this may impact performance and utilize more significant disk space. 
     6. Consider enabling and utilizing SOA workers and Low Latency Mode for Web Services or JMS, please contact Dell Boomi Support for further guidance.