Boomi Platform URL with custom user roles

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Jun 11, 2014
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In the Dell Boomi Platform, on the Setup page under User Management, you can define custom roles and 
assign roles and privileges to users for your Dell Boomi account as described at the following link:

When a user logs in to the using an account which has been assigned a role and privileges,
the user may get directed to the Build page, or they may get logged into the Account Setup page by default.

Since the User Management feature can contain a large number of permutations regarding which users have
which roles and privileges, Dell Boomi does not direct the user login to any specific page based on their assigned role

If you would like to direct your user to login to a specific page (e.g. Dashboard, Build, Deploy, Process Reporting or Manage, etc...),
you can provide instruction to your users to go directly to that page using Dell Boomi's simple URL structure below.
To login to the Dashboard page, use:

To login to the Build page, use:

To login to the Deploy page, use:

To login to the Process Reporting page, use:

To login to the Atom Management page, use:

To login to the Account Setup page, use: