How to concatenate instance identifiers for an EDI profile

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Use Case

Have a EDI profile with a NTE segment and NTE instance identifiers/qualifiers.


The requirement is to concatenate or combine the notes, but once the concatenating is performed, there are null values .



Depending on your requirement and profiles, here are some helpful hints.


You cannot use Concatenate When Reading and Instance Identifiers, the Concatenate When Reading takes precedence and will concatenate all <SAC> segments before Instance Identifiers are applied. To accomplish what you want, you need to remove all Instance Identifiers from the NTE segment in the Header. Then, import multiple NTE segments into the EDI Profile. For each one, check the "Use Additional Criteria to Define Segment?" checkbox, choose the "NTE02" Data Element and put in the appropriate Element Values that will appear (ALL, DEL, etc.) For the NTE segment that has the Element Value of WHI, set this to be Concatenate when Reading, remember the position of each SAC segment and their respective Element Values, and re-map them in the map.


Basically the instance identifiers and qualifiers need to be replaced with separate segments.