Configuring XML Identifier Instances

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Step by step information to configure XML Identifier Instance w types(with or without) are available in the XML profile.
If the profile created without types then refer below help link to add identifier instance,


If the profile created with types then follow below steps to configure identifier instance,
1) Open profile then go to types tab
2) Search where the required fields are available, In your profile for example these are available at CustomerAddressbook type.
3) Click on specific field, where you want to add identifier instance and right side you will see the qualifiers options & set the required value.
4) Repeat step 3 for all required fields.
5) Back to elements tab(actually you are in types tab)
6) Expand your type name then you are able to see the required fields
7) Right click on any type(example: addressbookList or addressbook) or direct element (example : default billing & default shipping) the you will see the add identifier instance option then click on it.
8) It will open in new pop up there click on + symbol available below "Identify By Qualifier:" then you will see the true option directly for both fields, select that true option then click OK & save the profile.
9) Now you will see the identifier instance at your profile.


Note: In older profiles you will see the constraints option but the name has changed to qualifiers in new profiles(July/2013 release)
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