How to get email Connection Data information

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To get information about the email, like File Name,From address, Host,Message ID,To address, Subject  ,User and work with them further in the process.follow the below steps
Try adding a Set Properties shape after the Mail Connector Start shape. In the Set Properties shape, under Property Type, select "Dynamic Document Property" and create a Property Name (E.g. "FromAddress") and select OK. This should then expand the Set Properties window - select the property just created under Properties to Set. Then on the right, add a Parameter. For the parameter Type, select "Document Property" and then select the magnifying glass to choose the Mail Connector properties. They should appear under Standard Connectors -> Mail. Here are the properties that you can obtain:
File Name
From Address
Message Id
To Address


You may need to create a separate property for each Mail connector field that you wish to obtain.
You can then work with these properties later in the process by accessing them in a Message shape as parameters or by using Map Function Get Property steps, etc....
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