javaw.exe processes are running on an atom server even after successful execution, how do I associate them with the atom executions?

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General guidelines to understand the javaw.exe process availability on atom server.

There are two different types of java(javaw.exe) processes:
1) Executions
2) Atom workers


1) Executions:


If the java process is "ProcessExecutionRunner", then it is a process execution. You can look at the full process command and piece together all the information to find the execution.


For example, the sample process commands listed below is for the execution id 'execution-e6abed8a-9098-409d-bc7f-f5c4969e751f-2015.04.19'


"C:\program files\java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx512m "-Djava.endorsed.dirs=\\atom_server\boomi\endorsed" -classpath "\\\\atom_server\boomi\work\lib-45900\container-launcher.jar;\\\\atom_server\boomi\work\lib-45900\boomi-security.jar" "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" "\Boomi\accounts\xxxxxx-ABC123.D0MZ1P\tmp" "-Dcom.boomi.container.baseDir=\\atom_server\boomi" "-Dcom.boomi.container.accountDir=\\\\atom_server\boomi\accounts\xxxxxx-ABC123.D0MZ1P" "-Dcom.boomi.container.localAccountDir=E:\Boomi\accounts\xxxxxx-ABC123.D0MZ1P" "\\atom_server\boomi\bin\procrunner-LOW.policy" -Dcom.boomi.container.runAsAccount=xxxxxx-ABC123.D0MZ1P -Dcom.boomi.container.localHostId=10_1_999_32 "-Dcom.boomi.container.libDir=\\\\atom_server\boomi\work\lib-45900" "-Dcom.boomi.container.libDirUrl=" "-Dcom.boomi.container.userLibDirs=\\\\atom_server\boomi\accounts\xxxxxx-ABC123.D0MZ1P\userlib;\\atom_server\boomi\userlib" com.boomi.launcher.Launcher com.boomi.execution.forker.ProcessExecutionRunner - - execution-e6abed8a-9098-409d-bc7f-f5c4969e751f-2015.04.19


For example the 'execution-e6abed8a-9098-409d-bc7f-f5c4969e751f-2015.04.19' and the account is 'xxxxxx-ABC123' (leave off the stuff after the . in the account id, that is the attachment id since this is a cloud). With that info, you can put the url together:;accountId=xxxxxx-ABC123;executionId=execution-e6abed8a-9098-409d-bc7f-f5c4969e751f-2015.04.19


2) Atom Worker:


If the java process is "ProcessExecutionWorker" then it is an atom worker. Again, you can look at the full java process command and find the account id and worker id.


With the account and worker id, you can go to Atom Management for that account, click on the cloud attachment and find the atom worker in the atom workers tab (should see a row with the id, i.e. 'worker-cbde3974-e6f8-4f49-801e-48f7631719f4-2015.04.25')


If the long running java processes, you are observing the ProcessExecutionWorker processes, that is expected.
Atom Workers spin up and live for a time longer than a single process execution.


See below link for more information about their life cycle.


Restarting of the atom server should resolve the javaw.exe processes problem.