MULTIPLE_HEAD_NODES error in a molecule or private cloud configured to use TCP

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The container log for a molecule or private cloud contains the following error:
FINE    [com.boomi.container.cloudlet.cluster.ClusterMonitor updateViewSnapshot] Current view snapshot ViewSnapshot: {problem=MULTIPLE_HEAD_NODES, view.nodes.size=1, view.local=xxxxxxx, container.status=RUNNING, view.head=xxxxxxx, container.hostname=xxxxxxxx, view.nodes.0=xxxxxxx,, version=1, container.version=44800, container.address=xxxxxxx}
SEVERE  [com.boomi.container.cloudlet.cluster.ViewSnapshot$Problem updateType] [MULTIPLE_HEAD_NODES] Found different head node xxxxxxx in node.xxxxxxx.dat
Please confirm the Initial Hosts for Unicast property value in your molecule or private cloud properties:
  • The molecule or cloud nodes should be specified by IP address and unicast port in square brackets and comma separated
  • The default unicast port is 7800 and should be specified for each node (unless the unicast port was modified)
Changing the property value requires a restart of the Molecule or Cloud Molecule before any changes take effect.


Additional things to check:
  • Confirm the nodes are able to connect to one another on the specified port. This can commonly be verified using a simple telnet command. If the nodes cannot communicate with one another, confirm there are no server firewall, network firewall, or router/switch rules that are preventing traffic.