Best Practices to follow when sending data to MDM

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What are the best practices to follow when sending data to MDM?
  • Follows common incremental sync pattern
  • Selection criteria from source should be based on LastModDate and/or “change indicator” flag field
  • Tip: If use a dedicated integration user (recommended) exclude where LastModBy=integration user if possible.
  • UPSERT action only. No need to query ahead to see if record already exists in the MDM
  • Typically map source app’s internal ID as MDM “entity ID”
  • Process just needs to get data to MDM. If there are problems with bad data, missing values, dupes, etc. it will be caught and quarantined in MDM
  • No application error response to inspect
  • Need a separate operation per object per source
  • Each MDM object is upserted independently (no combo calls)
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