Source entity record can become golden even without REQUIRED field.

Document created by Rabia_Sozkesen Employee on Dec 1, 2015
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A record can be saved as a golden record in MDM when it misses a required field. Some customers expect that the record should get quarantined when it doesn't have a required field. 
The Required flag validates that a value was provided for the field in the incoming entity, so if the required field had any value then it will not get quarantined. If the value provided does not match the id of an existing required field then the record will still get created in MDM, but the reference to the required field will be unresolved until that field is sent into the system. 

By default, records of this type will be incorporated but not delivered to other systems. They are visible as Pending Channel Updates that are in a 'Held' state (only until after the MDM to target process tries to retrieve them. These Held records are visible on our Dashboards and Repository activity reporting. 

Get Universe Summary API can be used to retrieve this info about Held records. We also have summary APIs at the repository and account level.