Java 8 - List of issues that you might see after the upgrade

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We have listed a few issues that we might see after the customers upgrade to Java8. This is something that the customers might see after the upgrade if they are using that feature or class in their process.

Issues After Java 8 Upgrade
Serial No.IssueDescriptionResolution
1When is the release for Java 8?Official release of Java 8Java 8 release FAQ
2Upgrade FAQsQuestions related to Java8 UpgradeJAVA 8 upgrade FAQ
3Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy FilesUpdate the security policy files for Java 8Instructions to get the files.
4Date Format                                                                 The javascript engine changed from Java 7 to Java 8 . With this change, the Javascript function Date.toLocaleDateString() outputs a different format string for the same locale.Javascript Date String is breaking after Java 8 upgrade
5JDBC-ODBC bridgeStarting with JDK 8, the JDBC-ODBC Bridge is no longer included with the JDK.Use a JDBC driver provided by the vendor of the database or a commercial JDBC Driver instead of the JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
6HttpURLConnection Digest AuthenticationIn the Java SE 8 release, HttpURLConnection Digest Authentication values are no longer quoted.Should not rely on quoted values for qod or algorithm in the authorization header
7Certificate Key LengthCertificates are blocked if they contain RSA keys of less than 1024 bits in lengthRecommended to update their certificates with stronger keys
8Garbage Collector warningsNew warning messages about specific garbage collectors being deprecatedPlease don't include these GC settings
9No stack trace after atom crashesThe atom sometimes crashes with no stack trace and no heap dumpAdd                                         -Djava.awt.headless=true
10Map ordering Ordering has changed in MapDon't depend on order from the output of the map shape
11PermGen space error"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space"  error will no longer exist but its regular memory error.Use MaxmetaspaceSize
12JAXP / ServiceLoader (Advanced Users) issueClassCastException for javax.xml.* classes in the container logsCode should be rewritten to use the JAXP classes without reference to the implementation classes
13JAXP / Implementation(Advanced Users )ClassCastException for javax.xml.* or org.w3c.* classes in the container logsRewrite your xpath query or code into manual code
14Reject Client Initialized RenegotiationAsks about the jdk.tls.rejectClientInitializedRenego flag.Set the system property jdk.tls.rejectClientInitializedRenego to true
15Foreground collector CMS (Advanced users)The foreground collector in CMS has been deprecated Don't use the GC settings
16Java 8 upgrade scriptsHow to get the upgrade scripts to get java 8 ?Download upgrade script
17Salesforce connector break in April 2016Salesforce connector and are running on Java 6 will break from Salesforce update in April 2016Upgrade to java 8
18String split function behaves differentlyDifferent behavior of string split function between java 7 and 8 .Split function behavior in java 8
192 atom.exe after upgrade to java 8 or install a new atom using java 8 You will see 2 atom.exe when atom is using java 8 .Two atom.exe after using java 8
20Key is too long for this algorithmKey size limits for all SHAXXXWithDSA signatures
Upgrade to 8u45 or higher
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