Atom OFFLINE Notifications

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If the AtomSphere Platform does not receive communication from the Atom within 3 minutes, it will consider the Atom to be offline. The Atom will communicate with the Platform a couple of times a minute.


In the case of performance issues or network outages on the Platform, it is possible that false alerts get sent out. These messages occur when the Atom cannot communicate with AtomSphere platform.

Possible Causes

  1. Atom being stopped and restarted
  2. A local server being taken offline
  3. Temporary network issues that prevent communication to or on outbound port 443
  4. Serious Atom failure


Recommended Actions
  • Check if the Atom Service is running and it has a green status under Atom Management   
  • If the local Atom status is Red, then start or restart the Atom Service   
  • If the Atom Cloud is Red, then check for the latest notifications
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