FTP Error - 550 Failed to change directory

Document created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Apr 30, 2013
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Troubleshooting steps for this common FTP error.

You receive the following error when attempting get or send data to an FTP, FTPS, or SFTP server:

com.boomi.connector.ConnectorException: Error getting FTP files: Error from FTP Server, 550 Failed to change directory.
This error means the specified remote directory does not exist. However it is important to understand how this value should be configured.

The remote directory location value can be either absolute or relative to the "home" directory for the given user defined by the FTP server (i.e. the current directory when that user first logs into the FTP server). For example, suppose an FTP server has the following directory structure...


..and the user's home directory is ftproot. To write to the inbound directory, you could simply configure "inbound" and to write to the inbound/archive directory, you could configure "inbound/archive". Alternatively you could configure the full absolute path "/inbound" (note the preceding forward slash "/").

TIP: Use another FTP client application to verify the home directory for the given FTP user and the name and relative path to the desired directory.

With that in mind, check the following.
  1.           The most common cause is simply an incorrect remote directory configured in the Connection component. Verify the name and path of the configured directory.
  2.           Verify if the connection field has been extended for the given process and if so confirm the values being referenced from either Test Extensions (if running in Test Mode) or Atom/Environment Extensions (if deployed).
  3.           Verify if the directory is being set dynamically within the process, either with a Standard Connector document property (within a Set Properties step or even a map function) or as a parameter on the Connector step itself.
  4.           Additionally, if the directory is being set dynamically with a document property and multiple documents are being processed together, you must specify the absolute path to maintain a valid directory context. For example, suppose an FTP server has sibling directories /ftproot/customerA and /ftproot/customerB and you are processing two documents, one each for customerA and customerB (again assume ftproot is the user's home directory). If you use a document property to configure relative directory values "customerA" and "customerB", respectively, the first document will correctly write to /ftproot/customerA however the second document will fail because it will attempt to write to /ftproot/customerA/customerB, which does not exist. This is because the FTP connector will perform a "change directory" command for each document and after the first document the current context will be /ftproot/customerA. To correct this, the absolute path values "/customerA" and "/customerB", respectively, should be configured.