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Unable to connect to an application due to authentication or credential failure, which may be presented as one of the following errors:
  • Auth fail
  • INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.
  • Password has expired. Please change your Netsuite password before continuing.
  • [EXCEPTION] [Login] Error code: FAILED_AUTHENTICATION Error message: Authentication failed, invalid user id or password(status code = 4)



Please try the following steps to troubleshoot your credentials issue.
  • Check and/or carefully reenter your login credentials, including user name and password, security token, and application endpoint URL in the connection component.
  • Check the case sensitivity of your password, and the password expiration date. When copy-and-pasting passwords and tokens, be careful not to include surrounding whitespace  characters.
  • If you modified the connection component be sure to redeploy all processes that reference the connection.
  • If using environment or atom extensions, check and/or carefully reenter the connection settings in Manage > Atom Management > select environment/atom > Environment/Atom Extensions
  • Make sure your account is not locked out.
  • Contact your application administrator.
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