Unable to find IDoc named... which has Extended Type

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Sep 4, 2013
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     If you import an SAP IDoc with Extended type, you get the error "Unable to find IDoc named:... 
     IDocs with Basic Types only are able to be imported.  How can IDocs with Extended Type be imported into Boomi?
In SAP, there are 3 components to an IDoc:
BasicType (defining the structure of the IDoc)
MessageType (defining the usage of the IDoc)
Extension (containing the customization of the IDoc).
These 3 components are interconnected simply by reference in a table (transaction code WE82 to see that reference).
The extension itself never becomes part of the structure unless you make a copy of the original BasicType and add the extension that way, creating a Z* IDoc like ORDERS04 extended can become ZORDERS04. Otherwise the extension itself is not a discoverable structure. When it comes to ALE and transmission of the IDoc all that is irrelevant because all that matters is the TID (transaction ID) and the EDI_DC40 (header record) and that is always the same no matter what IDoc is transmitted. Everything below is just a 1048 byte record containing data (48 bytes segment definition and 1000 byte data)
In Boomi, when you need to import the definition of an IDoc, all that can be discovered is the BasicType that contains the entire IDoc structure.  The extension is only a reference in a table and it is only referenced in correlation with the MessageType. So, you can only import BasicTypes.  When it comes to Boomi receiving the IDoc, this does not matters, because receiving only looks at the EDI_DC40 record and the TID.
So, to import an IDoc with Extended Types, you can try one of two options:
A - Leave the SAP configuration with the Extension only referenced with an out of the box SAP BasicType. In Boomi, import the original BasicType and manually edit it to reflect the structure defined in the Extension. Remember, the 1048 byte records only matter when you are mapping the data
B - Create a Z* BasicType by copying your original IDoc and adding the extension directly into the structure. This way when Boomi discovers the structure, it can pull in the complete IDoc. Make sure to activate the extension before putting it into the BasicType.