Data truncation error

Document created by Nikita_nandakumar on Nov 18, 2013
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This error usually occurs when one of the values being written to your database is longer than the field definition in the database.
You will have to manually look through your data and compare the data lengths to the field length definitions until you find the field in error.Unfortunately, AtomSphere is unable to report on the specific location of the field since it can only report the information that is returned through the DB Connector.

When you find the field, you can either change the source data so that the field will not exceed the limit, or you can increase the field size limit in your database. You can also add functions to the map to try preventing the error from occurring. For example, if you have a phone field that is expecting 10 characters, but the data comes in as 123-555-5555, you can add a function to the map to remove the - character from the data.
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