Windows atom will not start as a service

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Dec 18, 2013
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A windows atom will not start (either a single atom, or a molecule/cloud node) as a windows service
Here are some things to check:

1. Ensure the atom/molecule/cloud name has not been changed
2. Ensure the path to the atom/molecule/cloud installation directory is correct and has not been changed
3. Atom node is being started as a User with the appropriate permissions to run the node as a windows service
4. Check the error.log file and the restart.log file in the bin/ folder under the atom installation directory for any details.
5. Try starting the service manually by executing the following from a command prompt (replace the Atom Name with your atom's name):
Ø  net start “Atom – Name”
6. Check for other java processes that are running on the box
7. Check the java version to ensure it is a Boomi supported version by running this command:
> java –version
8. under the atom installation directory, look for these files under the .install4j/ folder and ensure the java path is correct (the latter file takes precedence if it exists):  inst_jre.cfg or pref_jre.cfg
9. Check to ensure the java path exists and the java.exe executable is installed
10. Try to run the atom as a desktop (atomdesktop.exe) (when logged in as local user)
11. login directly as atom user (network user) to box and try starting atom as desktop
12. View permissions for the network atom user and ensure they are appropriate
13. Run service as a different user that is known/confirmed to have access to the box and atom installation location
14. Give user “Full Control” permissions and try running again

If it is a molecule or cloud, try these additional steps:
1.. If it is a molecule or cloud, Login directly as atom user (network user) to box and try touching files on molecule shared directory (try writing to the files)
2. If it is a molecule or cloud, stop each node and try to start each one at a time (start node 1 then start node 2, stop both, start node 2 and then start node 1).
3. Follow the steps to setup the molecule or atom cloud's windows service at these links:

If the above do not resolve the issue, you can also try to:
1. run a file monitoring tool to analyze which files the atom user or atom service is trying to update upon start
2. run a command to analyze the owner of the files under the atom installation directory (ensure they are owned by the atom user account)
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