Occasional Broken Pipe error on HTTP requests to a listener

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Dec 27, 2013
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You are sending multiple http requests to a listener deployed to a Boomi atom and are
periodically receiving a “broken pipe” error.
This article is for advanced scenarios to address periodic HTTP connection issues with a web service server listener, and may not apply to every situation.
If you are consistently receiving a broken pipe error for every request, then an investigation at the server/network level should be performed first.
 it to see if you still receive the broken pipe error
The atom is a java application.  By default, Java enables HTTP keep alive by default which will persist
an http connection and reuse it, as described at this link:

Have HTTP Keep-Alive enabled is preferred for optimal HTTP performance.  Changing this setting should only be needed in rare cases:
1) To disable HTTP Keep Alive, add this line to the atom.vmoptions file under the bin/ folder under the atom installation directory
2) restart the atom
3) run the test again and monitor over time
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