Unable to cache data. Caused by: Failed initializing store file Caused by: No space left on device

Document created by Nikita_nandakumar on Feb 12, 2014
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This is basically related with the document caches used in the process.
The no space left on device error from the Unix/Windows File system could mean a number of things, there could be a large number of files in a folder instead of a big file. The file system would need to be analyzed to determine where the disk quotas are being reached. If this is on a local atom, we wouldn't be able to troubleshoot your file system remotely.

During large executions, AtomSphere may create temporary DB files to better handle the mapping. When the execution ends the temporary files are cleaned up. How much space is available on the atom installation disk?

Identify which folder under the atom is filling up the disk space, we can then review and recommend archiving or moving the file/folder that is causing the issue and then the atom will be able to be restarted.