Unchecking "Wait for Process to Complete?" in a Process Call shape is not working

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Nov 15, 2013
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Problem: Using a Process Call shape with "Wait for process to complete?" unchecked is continuing to execute the Main process shapes in parallel to the sub-process, but the Main process is still waiting for the sub-process to complete. The sub-process has a Data passthrough start shape.

This is intended behavior.
     To design an "asynchronous" process triggered by another process, create it as a webservice without a response profile:
       1. R
eplace the Process Call shape in the main process with either an http client connector or a web service soap client connector. This connector can be configured to call a process that has a web service server start shape.
       2. Reconfigure the "sub-process" 
to have a web service server as the start shape to receive the invoking request.  In the start shape web service server operation, do not specify a response profile, return data should be None.

By taking this approach, the webservice call should return with a HTTP 200 immediately and allow the process to execute independently from the parent process, thereby running asynchronously

The alternate approach Is to replace the Process Call shape with a Disk Connector or FTP connector to write data to a location where the second process(es) run on a frequent schedule to pick up the files and process them.

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