Error executing data process Caused by: startup failed, Script8.groovy: 1: unable to resolve class ...

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Executing a process with a custom script defined in a data process shape results in an error similar to the one below.

The beginning of the script has statements for including class file(s) that have methods that will be invoked later in the script.

Error executing data process; Caused by: startup failed, Script8.groovy: 1: unable to resolve class 

Check to ensure that the class files that you are including in the script are available.  The classes are typically packaged in a JAR file (JAR files are described here):

As a general rule, if you are defining custom scripts that reference classes which are defined in JAR files that are not already part of the atom installation, then the JAR files should be added to the atom manually by downloading/copying them to a userlib/ folder underneath the atom installation folder.  If the userlib/ folder does not already exist, it should be created.  
The JAR files should be deemed compatible with the atom system requirements, and tested for compatibility to not conflict with the atom code.   The atom system requirements are defined at the following link:

Some JAR files that you plan to reference in your custom script may already exist as part of the atom after installation.  This is because some atom components or connectors include JAR files which are pulled automatically when a component that requires them is used in a deployed process.  Executing a process will automatically download and add them to the atom when they are first needed.  

But it should be noted that referencing jars in a custom script will not automatically pull the JAR files into the atom if it is not already available.  This is because the custom script is not saved as a separate component that the atom will process upon initialization.  The script is only interpreted at run time.  Therefore, when using a custom script that includes classes that are part of a JAR file that is not already included in the atom, the JAR files may need to be explicitly added if they have not been pulled down automatically by another process/component yet.