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When leveraging the Mail Connector with Gmail to send or receive email messages, you may encounter the following error:


Embedded message: Error occurred connecting to e-mail server: null; Caused by: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException
This is often caused by invalid login credentials.  If, however, you're certain that your credentials are correct and all other connection settings are correct (port, TLS, SSL), then this may be a security measure imposed by Google.  When accessing your email account after attempting to connect to it via AtomSphere, you may notice that a 'Suspicious sign in prevented' email was sent by Google.


To attempt to correct the issue, log off of your Gmail (Google) account and the access the following URL:
Enter your username and password.  If asked to verify that the recent login attempt was you and not a suspicious login, be sure to verify this.


Go back to your AtomSphere Process and test the Mail Connector again.
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