Atom will not start after Account has Expired

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When an account expires, the account is deactivated, local atoms or molecules are removed from the platform and the account is disconnected from any attached atom clouds.

The restoration of an account is a multi-step process that involves restoring the account, restoring the local atoms to the platform and re-attaching the account to any clouds.

The state of any processes that were previously deployed will be unstable and may require re-attachments or re-deployments.

After an account expires, the stability of the processes and any local atoms is not immediately guaranteed upon re-instantiation.
As a best practice, we recommend to users that when the account is first set up, make note of the expiration date and set up a calendar reminder notice 1 week prior to its expiration date in Outlook or a similar tool. This way you can ensure that the account will not expire and you can ensure it is appropriately provisioned.

If an account does expire, the account manager must reactivate it.

At that time, it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall local atoms, redeploy, and restore schedules.
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